3. Cover Artist: George Roybal...By Jan Bradbury.

How To: Rat Finkô on Nitro...By Scott Berosik.

Portfolio: Craig Fraser

12. Portfolio: Craig Fraser

Business Card Display

Portfolio: Randy & Zeannae Zaideman
17. How-to: The Frosting on the Cake...By Jack "The Italian" Giachino. 20. Readers Spotlight 22. Stripes and More...By Bob Bond.
23. How-to: Tricks with Pearls...By George Roybal. 28. Profile: Eldon "Tater" Amero...By Lesa Jenson. 32. Profile: Nelson Medina
34. Paso 2001 Car Show...By George Hawkins

36. Seattle Roadster Show...Coverage By George Roybal.