3. Cover Artist: Greg Tedder...By Bob Bond.
How-To: Using Color-Shift Paint...
By Jack Giachino.

Painting Graphics Using Basecoat/Clearcoat ...By Bobbo Dunn.

18. Learn Pinstriping: Chapter 4. Part 1. Self Promotion Getting Work...By Bob Bond.

20. How-To: Custom Painting a Snowmobile...
By George Roybal.

. Profile: Bill Seitz...By Jace Ray.
13. Profile: Sandy Richter (Hoffman)...By Lesa Jenson.

16. Andrew Mack Brush Company Hall of Fame

25. Detroit Area Pinhead 2000: By Ray "El Vago" Smith.
14. The Art of Engraving Glass ...By Kevin G. Wright.

28. Back to the 50's Weekend ...By Jack "The Italian" Giachino.