Readers Comments

  • "e-mailing to say what a great magazine AutoArt has become. I really like the articles by Herb Martinez "Tools of the Trade". Robin Sharrard's "Safety Corner". And specially like the articles by Chris MacMahan "Tips and tricks", being an artist is one thing but running a business is another. His editorial is the stuff artists don't have a good handle on and is priceless as far as being in business as an artist. As I read his articles I can relate to all he has to say, I can tell he has been around the block and has run into all the problems I have in this business. There is no end to the value Auto Art Magazine has given beginer and novis auto artist's. All the eye candy and valuable information your magazine has to offer is like taking a 4 year degree in automotive art. Thank's to all the gang at Auto Art Magazine for the hard work it takes to put this all together. "
    ...Scott Berosik

  • "Each issue of AutoArt is better than the last! It's evident much care is taken to produce the BEST magazine for our Market. Bob Bond and the staff should be congratulated for their timless efforts in creating and perfecting this magazine."
    ...Doug Howard

  • "My husband Mike has shared your work and articles with me for almost 20 years that have appeared in SignCraft and now your own AutoArt. You inspire and advise so many people out in the wonderful world walldogs that you aren't even aware of. I see how he gets charged up and excited when he opens a magazine to look at the pictures and read the articles - yes, even the ones that I point out with sticky notes that I've been nagging about! It's like the boy in A Christmas Story with his Little Orphan Annie Decoder Ring locking himself in the bathroom so he can find out what this month's secret message is. You make him happy and that makes me happy. So thank you."
    ...Deborah Gregson

  • "First, I wanted to say Happy late Holiday, lol...Anyway, I just wanted to say how great your mag is! I have recently recieved 2 OLD mags from last Jan from a individual I met at a show. I never even knew your mag existed untill now.This mag is unbelievable, I just hope it stays this way and doesn't get to advertisement happy. I have just sent out a check for a subscription and can't wait.Keep doing what your doing, and I will be a long time happy customer from here on out. Sincerely,"
    ...Eddie Figus

    ...Dave Dickinson

  • "thanks for a kool mag!" just gets better and better. I was one of your students back
    in early 90's, when you where on bledsoe, in the san fernando valley of thanks for the inspiration."
    ...Tom Cat

  • "Hi. just got 6 back issues - wow, now I'm waiting for the next issue. Keep on with the mag that way. Cool stuff."
    ...Artzone Airbrush
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  • "Great job with the magazine! It is always a treat to get it in the mail and check out
    all the cool work. I have been striping and lettering in the Tampa Bay area for almost 30 years. Cobra pinstriping."
    ...Roland Pinan

  • "I really enjoy your magazine- very informative, with a lot of tips. Thank you."
    ...Don Nunns:

  • "excellent magazine with informative articles."
    ...Jessee Formolo

  • "Auto Art Magazine is the best! Thanks for keeping us inspired,and looking for new challenges."
    ...Dino Muscia Jr.

  • "Glad to see that you're publishing such a great magazine!"
    ...Rick Bowman:

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  • Comment from Publisher Bob Bond: "Thanks for the comments gang!. Our goal with this magazine is simply to preserve this (Artform) and keep it alive for years to come. We
    are doing our best to bring you the BEST.