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We are sorry to report that with issue #135 is our last printed issue and are not taking subscriptions any longer

However: we have found a few boxes of past issues and we now have available issues (1,2,3,4,18,21,24,26,29 and 50) which have been sold out for years.These issues are now available for $10 each + postage, while a short supply last.

We are now also discounting all other issues to ONLY $2.50 each + postage

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Bob's Kool Stuff For Sale

Bob Bond's How-to Video Workshops on Flash Drive

NOW Available and ready to send....
Bob Bondís How-to Video Workshop series covering everything youíve ever wanted to know about: Gold Leafing (surface Gilding), Pinstriping and Painting Mini Graphics. These Videos were recorded LIVE during Bobs workshops and contain over 7 hours of information all on a Flash Drive. Topics include: Types of Gold Leaf, Types of Size(glue), Creating Patterns, Applying Size and Leaf, Engine Turning, Clear coating, Creating 3D Scrolls, Striping History, Types of Brushes, Brush Oils and paints, Additives, Pre-cleaners, Reference Materials, Practice Steps and Much MORE. As a bonus you also receive a Special Updated Information sheet bringing them totally up to date and a Special sheet containing 20 Steps to teaching yourself the Art of Freehand Pinstriping. Introductory price is only $59.95 plus postage $5

Don't wait...Order Today here online. select item in box.
or call to purchase this Flash Drive right away, (816) 554-1800

Yes, send me Bob Bond's Video Workshops on Flash Drive
$59.95 + $5 postage

Bob Bond's PINHEADS GAZZETTES - NEW on flash Drive

Available NOW....
This Flash Drive contains all 14 Pinheads gazzettes from the 90's totaling 276 pages. Learn how it all got started and the history of the PINHEADS movement for only $29.95 postage included.

Don't wait...Order Today here online. select item in box.
or call to purchase this Collection right away, (816) 554-1800

Click on image to see larger view.

Yes, send me the Flash Drive with all the PINHEADS GAZZETTES
$29.95 postage included

Bob Bond's Multi Colored Clipart Collection Vol 1

Available NOW on CD
50 Multi Colored Clipart Images.
PLUS 56 BONUS Images
on SALE NOW for only $99.95

This CD contains 50 vectorized multi colored images. Each design comes assembeled together and seperated into its various color groups. Every design was created so there would be no overlapping of colors making it ideal for screen printing, vinyl signage, and desk top publishing. Your able to create your own color combinations. Also includes 56 BONUS Images FREE. Available ONLY here at and or by calling Bob Bond.

Don't wait...Order Today here online. select item in box or call to purchase a CD right away, (816) 554-1800

Click on image to see larger view.

Yes, send me Bob Bond's Multi Colored Clip Art Collection
$99.95 includes postage in US,
INTL: plus postage $12.00.
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