4. Cover Artist: Chris Cruz...By Jan Bradbury.
  7. Mack Brush Company Hall of Fame
  8. How-To: One Tricked-Out Truck...By George Roybal.
12. Profile: Rick and Bev Bowman...By Jan Bradbury.
15. Learn Pinstriping: Chapter 4. Part 2. Self Promotion...By Bob Bond.
16. Daytona Bike week 2000...By Kevin G. Wright.

18. Memorial Day Motor Madness Car Show & Pinhead Jam and NJSRA's 10th Annual Rod Run & Pinhead Charity Jam: By Alan "AJ" Johnson.
19. How-To: Taking it to The Keyboard Type Design Made Easy. Part 1...By Michael Gene Adkins.
22. How To: 3-D Lettering...By Bobbo Dunn.
24. Profile: Brett Jones ...By Lesa Jenson.
27. Chili Fix 2000...By Frank Magoo.

28. 2000 Brush Bash: By Frank Magoo.