Over the years our goals and objectives of AutoArt Magazine have been and will always be: to keep the art alive by showcasing the industry's achievements and accomplishments, and educate our readers with informative step-by-step educational articles. Since getting into the vehicle decorating business in 1968 I have always thought it would be great to be able to subscribe to a magazine devoted entirely to this art craft. I used to cut out pictures from magazines and collage paste pages into books for reference, but that still didn�t fulfill the need for constent inspiration, motivation and most important, education.

I lobbied for years with a trade publication company to start a magazine focusing on this industry, and in 1995 we got our wish. When the industry was cut off and that magazine ceased publication in 1999, we received countless phone calls from people wanting us to produce something to keep the inspiration and motivation coming. With the help from artists around the world we launched AutoArt Magazine.

The purpose of AutoArt Magazine is:

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             (1) Educate readers� with comprehensive how-to articles on many varying subjects.

             (2) Showcase the industry�s outstanding achievements and accomplishments.

 (3) Introduce the readers to artists from around the world, bringing everyone closer 

          (4) Inform the readers� on what�s new and available to them.

          (5) Inform the readers� on gatherings, events and panel jams.

          (6) Fill the pages with eye candy to inspire and motivate every reader.

(7) Keep alive the brotherhood/sisterhood of artists, never before seen in history.

(8) Most Importantly, do our best to make your subscpiption dollars
     pay off over a hundredfold.

Keep in mind that every time you get a copy of AutoArt Magazine;it�s put together in our garage/studio. We�re not a big publishing company; I am an artist just like many of you and we�re just a family working to preserve this art form. If you haven�t subscribed yet, do so right away. Get the back issues and use them to increase your abilities and profit. Thanks for your support in keeping this publication alive. �Bob Bond