4. Cover Artist: Mark Lueck How to: Painting a Park Operations Van.  12. How-To: Here comes the sun...By Jack" The Italian "Giachino.
  9. Utilizing Computer Technology: Part 1...By Dave Dorsey. 16. Frisco Rat Fink Party '99 ...By Bob Ballew.
18. Safety Corner: By Robin Sharrard. 18. Tommy the Greek's 86th Birthday Party...By Tim Hoare. 19. Learn Pinstriping: Chapter 2. Part 2 . Painting Mini Graphics...By Bob Bond.
21. Readers Spotlight 22. 51st Oakland Roadster Show...By Tim Hoare. 22. Utah Painter wins Von Dutch award...By Herb Martinez.
24. Profile: Richard Wright 26. Profile: Steve Gauthier 27. Profile: Fred Bumann Jr.
28. Moon Eyes Rat Fink Party 99

28. Phil Whetstone's Brush Off 99...By Magoo...(Flamin Crickets?).